How Much Does A Funeral Cost?

When it comes to discussing important ceremonies, one that isn’t as fun as all the others (weddings, birthdays, graduations, rites of passage, etc), is one’s funeral.  But for many people, a funeral is a way for a family to pay respect to a loved one, and to celebrate the life they lived and the memories they shared together.  For many, this is one of the most important ceremonies of all, and with good reason, it’s the last chance to formally celebrate a loved one.  

Everyone knows costs for big affairs can spiral out of control… just ask anyone who has had a wedding.  A typical funeral can cost an average of around $10,000 or more, and much like with weddings, the costs are continuing to skyrocket.  These costs don’t take into account things like a  post-ceremony reception, outstanding bills, or anything that happens at the cemetery (should that arrangement apply), such as flowers, plot, monument, grave marker or transportation to the site… all of which can easily add tens of thousands more dollars to the bill. 

What Are Typical Costs Involved?

There are certain things that most funerals, as well as the burials that come with them, include.  While the price for each can vary wildly, here we will break down typical costs one can expect.  

Casket$2,400The average casket is usually made from metal, fiberboard, or plastic, and can cost around $2,400.  Caskets that are made of wood such as cedar or mahogany however, or made of bronze, can cost up to $10,000.  There are also cheaper, more environmentally friendly options such as well-dressed wicker or even cardboard that can be much more economic and no less dignified.  If a cremation is planned, but the family still wants an open casket service, casket rental options are also available. 
Funeral service fee$2,100This is a fee paid to the funeral home that pays for the facilities, the labor and many services provided by the home.  There are options to have a funeral in a place of worship instead, that may come with less cost and be ideal for those who belong to a certain religion, so it’s worth checking into if you are trying to avoid this type of fee.  
Vault$1,395A vault is the container many opt to have their casket rest in, that is usually highly recommended to shield it and it’s contents from the elements if that is the preference of the person and their loved ones.  A vault can typically run up to $1400, and is made of metal.  
Cremation casket$1,000This is the specialized combustible casket used during the cremation process, if that is the option of choice.  
Embalming$725While embalming is not legally required for burial, it is often required by funeral homes in order to have a ceremony in their facility, particularly if the ceremony is to be an open-casket one.  Embalming also preserves the body and is required for any interstate travel.  If neither of these options are required, skipping this process is perfectly legal and, as a bonus, more environmentally friendly.  
Funeral home staff$500While this fee is optional, it provides the convenience of enlisting funeral home staff for the service.  
Facility usage$425If you want to have a ceremony specifically in the chapel of a funeral home, you’ll need to pay this fee.  However, once again this may not be a relevant fee if you opt for a service in your place of worship.  
Cremation fee$350This is the typical cost for cremation of a body, not including an urn (a decorative container commonly used to store ashes).  
Hearse$325The hearse is the vehicle used to transport the body in casket to the cemetery for burial.  Unless you know someone who owns one, you’ll need to pay this fee, or else rent a U-haul. (We highly advise against that.)
Transportation$325Before transporting the body to the cemetery, it must be transferred to the morgue and/or funeral home.
Urn$275The cost of a typical Urn used to hold cremation remains.  
Cosmetic preparations$250If there is to be an open casket service, it is highly preferred to have a cosmetic preparation done on the body, to restore it to a more natural look before viewing.  This includes makeup, hairstyling, and clothing dressing.  There are independent companies that offer these services, but they are usually offered by the funeral home itself.
Memorial service extras$160This is simply the typical cost of printing pamphlets, invitations, prayer cards etc. for the service.
Service vehicle$150The cost to transport family members from the funeral home to the cemetery.  This can obviously be skipped if they are driving themselves.

One of the greatest gifts you can give your family is the ability to take care of you and your estate when you are no longer here to take care of them.  Having final expense insurance can also give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that, no matter what, whenever the time comes everything is going to be taken care of.   Talk to one of our friendly specialists about your options and make sure that you find the right type of coverage for you and your loved ones today.

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